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“Nature is interesting. Human nature is interesting: its narrative in terms of form, weight and space and all those other aspects pertaining to the domain of sculpture and how those things can create a tactile experience, which in turn can give rise to feeling, which can evoke memory, which can awaken the heart and activate one’s being.”
Jan Abt, 2015

A quote by David Foster Wallace, which I lifted from a television interview he did in the 90's. Even though he did not mention it, this applies to the visual arts as well.
" ... In popular culture, sitcoms, etc, which are often full of irony and dark humor, one can think of that as a sort of commentary, as the pretense of protest. [...] Irony is the song of a bird, which sings about not liking its cage, when in fact it has come to like it."

This is done a lot by making art about art, by making a commentary about art, society or any current event, politics, etc. and thus pretending to be doing something, while one isn't really doing anything other than pointing out the obvious and not offering any solution.